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menomena - jan. 23
aereogramme - feb. 06
kiss kiss - feb. 06
apostle of hustle - feb. 06
alta voz - feb. 17
calla - feb. 20
explosions in the sky - feb. 20
the one am radio - feb. 20
do make say think - feb. 27
31knots - mar. 6
the arcade fire - mar. 6
kaddisfly - mar. 6
paulson - mar. 6
ken andrews - mar. 13
the book of knots - mar. 20
god is an astronaut - apr. 5
caspian - apr. 10
blonde redhead - apr. 10
the noisettes - apr. 17
grails - apr. 24
porcupine tree - apr. 24
crippled black phoenix- apr. 24
65daysofstatic - apr. 30
the avett brothers - may. 15
battles - may. 22
the dear hunter - may. 22
circa survive - may. 29
pelican - jun. 5
fair to midland - jun. 12
queens of the stone age - jun. 12
maserati - jun. 19
stateless - jun. 19
tomahawk - jun. 19
gogol bordello - jul. 10
el ten eleven - jul. 10
magnolia electric co. - aug. 7
minus the bear - aug. 21
bss presents kevin drew - sep. 18
jonah matranga - sep. 18
les savy fav - sep. 18
oceansize - oct. 1 (uk only)
division day - oct. 2
pj harvey - oct. 2
wintersleep - oct. 2
band of horses - oct. 9
jesu - oct. 9
radiohead - oct. 10 (digital only)
telescreen - oct. 31 (digital only)
sigur ros - nov. 6
radiohead - jan. 1
the mars volta - jan. 29
woven - mar. 18
ours - mar. 18
portishead - apr. 29


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Friday, February 22, 2008

ok so due to all of the other projects i need to get to work on,
i am going on a temporary hiatus here at a.h. i'll get my
ass in gear eventually, but here are some things to
keep you busy while i attempt productivity . . . .

check out some good tunes at my friend's blog:

see what i'm listening to at:
my last.fm page

read something, buy a shirt at:
bedlam publishing

go to coachella with me:
coachella 2008!!!

10:54 AM

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

welcome to the year end spectacular-r-r here at auditory hallucination! 2007 was a ridiculously amazing year for new music releases, so i’m going to do my best to only highlight the best of the best . . . i’m also doing this in alphabetical order as I am unable to place these in any type of “this is better than that” configuration. just know that all of these records are phenomenal and if you have yet to do so, please check them out . . . hold on tight & listen close . . .

31knots – the days and nights of everything anywhere
the title of this album is appropriate, it’s got a little bit of everything. it really is all over the map musically and lyrically, but do not mistake that as a lack of focus. imaginative use of samples combines with the raw talent & chemistry of this three-piece rock band turning them into a schizophrenic orchestra. i’m not exactly sure how they pulled this one off, but 31knots have crafted quite the masterpiece of modern music. also, GO SEE THIS BAND LIVE.

buy the days and nights of everything anywhere

download these 3 songs:
the savage boutique
hit list shakes (the inconvenience of you)

65daysofstatic – the destruction of small ideas
have stepped up their glitchy instrumental game on this one. the songs are huge, dynamic and powerful – and how about that production? to state it simply, they recorded everything at lower volumes so nothing gets compressed out of the mix. everything is there, and its so full and precise . . . when you crank it up, it sounds like the band is sitting there playing in your living room – oh, and they’re playing some amazing tunes.

for more info on their recording process/philosophy, check this interview
as well as this article (long, but a great read)

buy the destruction of small ideas

download these 3 songs:
don’t go down to sorrow
these things you can’t unlearn
music is music as devices are kisses is everything

aereogramme – my heart has a wish that you would not go
another aptly titled record, but unfortunately this time it’s because aereogramme split up shortly after releasing it (r.i.p.). the band had progressed so much from a metal band that drifted back and forth between face melting riffs and lulling melodies to crafting this purely beautiful work. it truly is an emotional journey from start to finish with some great insights. i will always wonder what they would’ve done next.

buy my heart has a wish that you would not go

download these 3 songs:
a life worth living
the running man

arcade fire – neon bible
if you have not had the pleasure of sitting down and immersing yourself in the sonic bliss that is neon bible, get on it – you are missing out. arcade fire have crafted a moving piece of music with such scope and amazing composition . . . this is one of the few bands i read/hear a lot of hype about that actually lives up to it – even surpasses it. seriously, stop reading this and go buy the album!

buy neon bible

download these 3 songs:
keep the car running
(antichrist television blues)
my body is a cage

band of horses – cease to begin
i believe that band of horses have exceeded any expectations stemming from their debut album, everything all the time with this year’s release. packed with perfectly crafted songs played with tons of heart and a jolt of energy here and there, what’s not to love? i think i heard is there a ghost on tv the other day too . . . you’ll be hearing more from these guys for sure.

buy cease to begin

download these 3 songs:

is there a ghost
cigarettes, wedding bands
island on the coast
(yeah i know i posted it in october . . . it’s good!)

the dear hunter – act 2: the meaning of, and all things regarding ms. leading
this record is just epic. i shouldn’t even post samples because this one really requires a few straight through listens to truly appreciate. i’ll just give you the 1st 3 tracks (minus the intro) and dare you not to keep listening! both the story in the lyrics and the compositions themselves have plenty of depth that have kept me coming back to this album over & over.

buy act 2: the meaning of, and all things regarding ms. leading

download these 3 songs:
the procession
the lake and the river
the oracles on the delphi express

do make say think – you, you’re a history in rust
another beautiful album from these canadian instrumental gurus, this one sees them take a step in a slightly different direction. i seem to recall reading something about how they recorded this album in a shack in the middle of nowhere with a lot of antique instruments, but i can’t seem to find it, so you’ll just have to take my word – the point being, this album has tons of atmosphere, passion, honesty and . . . vocals?

buy you, you're a tender history in rust

download these 3 songs:

herstory of glory
executioner’s blues
in mind

explosions in the sky – all of a sudden i miss everyone
such a great year for instrumental rock . . . this record is just massive, and proves that explosions in the sky are getting attention for a reason. they also prove that you don’t need a singer to tell you the story, it’s all right there in those shimmering chords – and it’s different for everyone. oh, and did i mention that catastrophe and the cure is one of the best songs of the year?

buy all of a sudden i miss everyone

download these 3 songs:

the birth and death of the day
welcome ghosts
catastrophe and the cure

fair to midland – fables from a mayfly: what i tell you three times is true
their vocalist has the absolute best range i’ve heard in any modern rock, not to mention the talent of the rest of the band. when we saw these guys live, it really put a new perspective on just how much talent each member possesses. this is an amazing rock album with just enough proggy touches to make it particularly interesting.

buy fables from a mayfly: what i tell you three times is true

download these 3 songs:

tall tales taste like sour grapes
say when

god is an astronaut – far from refuge
i almost left this one off the list, but after careful consideration, realized that it would’ve been a mistake. this is yet another amazing instrumental rock release that touches on aspects that other bands in the same vein do not. god is an astronaut create soaring melodies that just seem to have no limits. this album has everything from good chill out tunes to songs that will make you want to take over the universe.

buy far from refuge

download these 3 songs:

far from refuge
grace descending
beyond the dying light

gogol bordello – super taranta!
they put that exclamation point on there for a reason, this album is a swift kick in the ass! gogol bordello makes fun music that isn’t stupid (though definitely silly at times), and that’s a real rarity, not to mention the huge influence of world music without the pretension that usually gets dragged with it. this band is a fantastic anomaly, and one of the best i’ve ever seen live. ever.

buy super taranta!

download these 3 songs:

wonderlust king
supertheory of supereverything

kaddisfly – set sail the prairie
here’s an album with a huge concept – so huge in fact, that it spans three albums and this is just part two. there are some really amazing tracks on this record, and it’s a very uplifting, motivational journey. it’s a bit more on the poppy side than what i usually get into, but this band is one of the select few who know how to back that sound up with something much more engaging.

buy set sail the prairie

download these 3 songs:

heshvan: clouds
noyabr’: empire
pharvari: silk road

kiss kiss – reality vs. the optimist
this is a crazy little record with a lot going on in a very short period of time. using violins as lead instruments rather than guitars really sets their music apart from other rock-based bands, but they don’t stop there. vocals, tempos and ideas suddenly veer off into different directions and build up into passionate crescendos . . . and it still manages to be catchy. this is an incredibly dynamic effort, i just with it was longer!

buy reality vs. tthe optomist

download these 3 songs:


les savy fav – let’s stay friends
this is another of those few bands who make fun music while still managing to use their brains. les savy fav broke up for a while, but fortunately they decided to give it another shot and they’ve given us another manic, high energy album that’s just great to rock out to. tons of striking guitar work and consistently clever lyrics make this one a keeper.

buy let's stay friends

download these 3 songs:

what wolves would do
slugs in the shrubs
scotchguard the credit card

maserati – inventions for the new season
driving instrumental rock by a band named after a sports car . . . awesome. there is definitely some road trip worthy music on here, but there’s so much more as well. guitars echo around visceral percussion, building steadily until the whole thing just explodes. when 12 16 erupts, you won’t know what hit you . . .

buy inventions for the new season

download these 3 songs:

12 16
synchronicity iv
the world outside

menomena – friend and foe
friend and foe has sealed menomena’s genius status in my book. these three multi-instrumentalists have crafted an incredibly weighty record full of diverse, expertly crafted songs. you could probably listen to this three times a day and still hear something new a year later. saxophones haven’t sounded this good since 1989.

buy friend and foe

download these 3 songs:

muscle ‘n flow
wet and rusting

minus the bear – planet of ice
some of the most creative guitar work i’ve heard all year is right here on planet of ice. slap that on the table with some complimentary synths, remarkably tight drumming and hooks that will rattle around in your head for days and you’ve got minus the bear’s best effort to date!

buy planet of ice

download these 3 songs:

burying luck
ice monster
double vision quest

noisettes – what’s the time, mr. wolf?
great debut full length from a really exciting band. they just rock, there’s no other way around it. the female vocals leap from soothing to screeching without ever sounding contrived, and the guitar player pipes up occasionally providing some great vocal harmonies. seems as if i’m selecting a lot of albums with standout guitar work, and this one’s no exception.

buy what's the time, mr. wolf?

download these 3 songs:

don’t give up
scratch your name
mind the gap

oceansize – frames
huge. like their name suggests, this music is just massive. i have yet to experience oceansize live, but when i do, i anticipate being knocked over by charging sound waves. full of epic jams that leap between tempos with raging crescendos, frames is a very moving record that deserves repeat listens. unfortunately, the band have yet to find a label to release the band in the states, so you’ll have to order it from the uk or as an import, but believe me, you’ll be glad you did!

buy frames

download these 3 songs:

trail of fire
the frame

queens of the stone age – era vulgaris
i love josh homme’s sound. even when he played with kyuss years ago i was hypnotized by his guitar work. he has progressed quite a bit since then, and he’s got a few new tricks to employ on this record as well. aside from that, his tongue-in-cheek lyricism is on the ball as usual, but i’ve always been more captivated by the queens’ more introspective tracks, and they’re in full force here as well. solid record all the way around, even the b-sides are awesome – the fun machine took a shit and died is an instant classic.

buy era vulgaris

download these 3 songs:

into the hollow
suture up your future
run pig run

radiohead – in rainbows
i’m going to go ahead and assume this is not your first time on the internet and you have managed to hear something about radiohead releasing their own album without the ASSistance of a record label . . . well, aside from the hype surrounding its release, turns out it’s a great record. who knew? they’ve certainly outdone hail to the thief with in rainbows, doing what they do best and progressing beyond the limits of pop/rock/alternative/etc… music, creating something truly special and full of life. and for those of you like myself who still buy cd’s, don’t fret – in ranbows comes out in shiny, physical form on new year’s day!

go to www.inrainbows.com and get the whole thing, there’s no need for three little tracks!

sigur rós – hvarf-heim
ahh . . . just thinking about sigur rós makes me feel good. when i first bought ágætis byrjun, i was unable to listen to anything else for a month. believe me, i tried. couldn’t do it, it’s just that good. anyhow, this album is actually a pair of fantastic ep’s packaged together as a companion piece to their film heima which documents the band on a free, predominantly acoustic tour of iceland last year. hvarf is a collection of unreleased studio material from 1995-2002, some of which has been reworked over the years, and heim features acoustic renderings of six songs performed on the aforementioned tour. the whole collection is beautiful, and the songs really do grow and develop new perspectives when played acoustic. amazing.

buy hvarf-heim

download these 3 songs:
heysátan (live)
von (live)

telescreen – the solar sea (digital ep)
last month’s entry was focused on this release, so more about that can be read below. on top of being a group of musicians who believe in the music and not the business, they are also the same musicians who came together as codeseven and made some brilliant music. well they’ve got a new vocalist, a new name, and some outstanding new tunes. this ep is a logical progression, and a great first step; full of atmospheric, spacey songs that aren’t afraid to rock out when the time is right. this band is going to make some exciting music, just give them a little time . . .

buy the solar sea (digital ep)

download these 3 songs:

the solar sea

wintersleep – welcome to the night sky
well this seems as fitting an end as any, seeing as how welcome to the night sky has rapidly become one of my absolute favorite releases of the year – even of the last few years. i love everything about this album. there is so much passion, intensity, atmosphere, experimentation, depth, relevance, talent . . . i could go on, this has everything i love about music . . . i’ve had to listen to this – or at least a few songs from it – every day since it arrived. i am addicted. this is another one of those records that has not found proper release in the u.s., so you’ve got to order it from canada for now, but if you love music, do yourself a favor!

buy welcome to the night sky

download these 3 songs:

drunk on aluminum
dead letter & the infinite yes
laser beams

well, that’s it! i hope it helped you discover something that you may have otherwise missed this year! i’m always on the lookout for new music as well, so if there’s something you think escaped my clutches, post it in the shoutbox over there on the right! don’t forget to check out the rest of my favorite releases of the year, listed as always down the right side of the page!

stay tuned for 2008, which already promises new records from portishead, dredg, woven, and the mars volta!!

1:39 PM

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

sorry november, you're being skipped . . .
but it will be worth it, as i am planning
something of a year's end blowout! for
now, check out telescreen, featuring
former members of the amazing band
codeseven. they recently released a
digital ep with a twist: all the profits
they would either make or hand
over to the riaa will be given
back to the fans!

read all the details here!

order the ep directly from the band here

or from me right here

see you next month . . .

11:37 AM

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

hey thanks for coming, and thanks for the
feedback, i appreciate it, so i'll keep this thing rolling!

on a side note, radiohead releases their
new record "in rainbows" october 1oth and
they are releasing it themselves! take that
you greedy record label bastards!
go to http://www.inrainbows.com/
and buy a download for any price you
choose, or pre-order the discbox,
an amazing looking set which
includes cds, vinyl, and lots of
other cool stuff . . .
go, radiohead, go!

click here to download the following songs

band of horses - island on the coast
hear more buy

division day - enjoy the silence
hear more buy

grails - origin-ing
hear more buy

minus the bear - knights
hear more buy

oceansize - unfamiliar
hear more buy

pelican - winds with hands
hear more buy

pj harvey - grow grow grow
hear more buy

stateless - running out
hear more buy

telescreen - the solar sea
hear more buy

wintersleep - weighty ghost
hear more buy

2:13 PM

Sunday, July 22, 2007

this playlist is designed to cure a hangover,
grab the songs, put them into your preferred
media player, hit shuffle and let the healing begin.

it's been fun, goodbye.

click here to download hangover cure, pt. 1

click here to download hangover cure, pt. 2

the contents:

tv on the radio - tonight (one music session)
calla - pete the killer
mogwai - friend of the night
far - job's eyes
arcade fire - ocean of noise
coleida - e-bow
menomena - my my
fair to midland - say when (ozymandias)
dredg - matroshka (the ornament)
apostle of hustle - nonono
mew - comforting sounds
failure - daylight
god is an astronaut - beyond the dying light
dredg - halong bay
day one symphony - isoceles

*pt. 2*

songs:ohia - an ace unable to change
the mercury program - the secret to quiet
sigur ros - staralfur
new end original - leper song
quittera - hawking
radiohead - life in a glass house (full length)
wintersleep - listen [listen, listen]
the book of knots - midnight
oceansize - ornament (the last wrongs)
the jimi hendrix experience - 1983...(a merman i should turn to be)
queens of the stone age - mosquito song
woven - nothin

4:09 PM

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

hey, is anybody getting any use out of this page??
if so, use my shoutbox or myspace me
so i know whether i should keep doing this.
now for next batch of tunes:

click here to download the following songs

65daysofstatic - little victories
hear more buy

apostle of hustle - haul away
hear more buy

the avett brothers - colorshow
hear more buy

the dear hunter - the lake and the river
hear more buy

fair to midland - tall tales taste like sour grapes
hear more buy

ken andrews - secret things
hear more buy

maserati - 12 16
hear more buy

omar rodriguez lopez - rapid fire tollbooth
hear more buy

queens of the stone age - the fun machine took a shit and died
hear more buy

tomahawk - omaha dance
hear more buy

3:24 PM

Monday, May 21, 2007

something a bit different . . .

arcade fire - neighborhood #3 (power out) @ coachella

fair to midland – upgrade^brigade

menomena - weird

red sparowes – alone and unaware, the landscape was transformed before our eyes.

31knots - chain reaction

8:50 PM